Sunday, April 26, 2009

Word From The Author (Updated!)

Hey, I'm Lucien Wyatt, known moderately well by this name, but of course, much better by my (wildly?) popular internet handle, ExpertPenguin.

This is my new place for stretching out my seems roomy enough, comfortable, and will be the dumping ground for any thoughts and ideas that spring into my head about gaming, the industry itself, and of course, the dedication and creativity on all fronts that helps the software driving it come together.

I'm sure it'll be slow to start, but with enough enthusiasm on my end, I'm very set on making this site my new place for the foreseeable future. I love this medium more than you know, and I want the world to know the full extent of my passion.

It's by no means a mission statement, but I find myself with much on my mind, and my old space ( was beginning to feel a bit cramped.

Here goes =)


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