Wednesday, March 10, 2010

God of Visuals.

God of War III is nearly among us, friends. One week. Of course with it comes the ubiquitous pre-release hyperbole, but in this case, it's definitely deserved. All the buzz, reviews I'm struggling to avoid are saying it's amazing.

Especially its visual presentation. While God of War is certainly no stranger to setting a visual bar every time one is released, 3 is exceptionally well done. Never mind the demo everyone's been salivating over this past year, the actual game is so many leaps and bounds beyond it, it's almost unbelievable. The guys over at Digital Foundry threw up a small blog on the improvements made since the demo, and even though dev terminology is being flung left and right, it's still an interesting read if you're even slightly curious about the refinements that can come about during the last year of a game's development.

Or, if you just want the visual payoff you can just click that header pic from the demo, and see what it looks like now.

Either way, it's stunning. Uncharted 3 now has a visual bar to overcome. Who would've thought?

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