Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ashes to Ashes..

That is a female COG soldier. End statement.

Sera looks to be in complete ruin. Ashes cover the city, the remaining few silhouettes of it's populace match the surroundings. Dom has a beard. Their suits seem to have undergone a bit of a redesign, apparently everyone's as confident as Cole now.

Or they can't afford to be bulky anymore, what with new gorgon-esque Locust running around.

They're all fighting together. Marcus, Cole, Baird, Dom, and this new mystery woman. Glad to see everyone's around. Brothers to the end. Heh..

Wait, you're still reading this? C'mon. This is Gears of War 3 we're talking about here. Premiere trailer's after the jump, baby. Woo!

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