Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I've waited for this..

Do the words "Pirate Baby" or "Kings of Power 4 Billion" instantly bring a telling, self-indulgent nerd grin to your face? If so, then you're already well acquainted with Paul Robertson, creator of both aformentioned (and critically acclaimed) sprite movies.

However, he doesn't make 'actual' games.

Anyone who has seen his movies can all unanimously come to a conclusion: That they would be AWESOME as actual games. His art style and execution reek of Metal Slug, Contra, Final Fight, River City Ransom and even Guardian Heroes. Over the top, impeccably animated, and showing an attention to detail and personality to even make SNK blush, it isn't hard to imagine that Robertson himself is an avid fan of videogames, being that it shows in every inch of his work.

The same can be said for Bryan Lee O' Malley's Scott Pilgrim comics. Drawn in an endearing Americanime style and filled to the brim with videogame inside jokes and references cleverly woven into its narrative, with an upcoming movie that seems like it will do the film (great) justice, surely a game tie-in is inevitable.

Oh to hell with it. Paul Robertson's doing it.

I'll pause for a second. Let that digest. Yes. There is a game coming out to coincide with the release of the Scott Pilgrim movie, and it's being made with Paul Robertson's artwork! Game Informer has the scoop on what looks like it's shaping to be an awesome beat-em up of awesome awesomeness. (see what I did there?) Masquerading around as a beat-em-up (perfect!), sporting a delicious old-school look and booming with chiptunes by Anamanaguchi (!!!!), I think we're all in for a treat come August on the PSN and 360 Live Arcade.

For now, I have no footage, only a shaky cam video of the intro, and a few screenshots, courtesy of the Fort 90 blog..Be amazed!

I'm crossing my fingers for more info post-E3. Stay tuned!

And really...if you haven't seen these by now, you need to. BOTH of his movies in easily digestible form. Watch and daydream about how great this is going to be.

Pirate Baby's Cabana Battle Street Fight 2006

Kings of Power 4 Billion%

I'll be back for the pieces of your skull that are surely all over the floor.

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