Saturday, October 23, 2010

Say what you will about Sonic 4..

But this is something impressive. With spot-on gameplay, vibrant colors, an intense (though possibly a little too busy) visual style, and music that faithfully represents the original yet has a style all its own, a three act demo for the infmaous Sonic Fan Remix is finally here. The best part is, without a shred of fanboy bias or hype behind my words, I can admit it is damn fine. While I won't go as far as the rest of the internet and say that the two(!!!) guys who worked on this have beaten Sega at their own game and bested Sonic 4, it is certainly impressive, and gives me chills just thinking about what they could do to the Chemical Plant Zone or Mystic Cave.

The three act demo of the Emerald Hill Zone can be found here, and it's definitely worth checking out if you even have a shred of Sonic fandom left in you.

Even if you don't, LOOK AT THIS THING. Here's hoping no one's lawyers try and put a stop into this gorgeous labor of love, eh?

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