Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Electric Boogaloo - DJ Hero 2 Electro Mix Pack Review

If you’re a fan of DJ Hero,you’re likely asking for two things. More music, and a larger presence of electro/techno. Fortunately, Freestyle Games acknowledges that there are two types of people in this world. Those who like Electro, and...everyone else. But the fans, (especially those overseas) demanded it, Freestyle Games listened, and now for our listening pleasure (or horror), the Electro Mix Pack is finally here. Countering the preponderance of amazing hip-hop and R&B mixes this game contains is no small feat however. Does it stack up in a way that’ll make our European and electro fans happy, ALONG with the somewhat alienated American audience?


DJ Hero 2 "Electro Mix Pack" (Downloadable Content)
For: Xbox 360, PS3, Wii (Songs sold as individual tracks)
Publisher: Activision/Freestyle Games
Price: 640 Microsoft Points, $7.99 PSN, 300 Wii points (per track)
Release: 11/16/2010

Reviewed on Expert difficulty

LMFAO "I'm In Miami" vs. Green Velvet "Shake & Pop"

I have a bit of a funny relationship with LMFAO (read: indifference) and nothing has really changed..until now*. The key difference between then and now is the addition of Green Velvet's "Shake and Pop". Both songs have a similar beat structure, a heavy, dirty electro sound, and the result is a pretty danceable mashup combines the best of both while throwing a pretty decent challenge around as well. There are strangely off-beat taps to deal with, a decent number of rhythmic crossfades, and plenty of freestyle sections that allow you to mess around with each track as you please.

Overall, a pretty fun, nonthreatening track that's more memorable for it's off-key challenge than its sound.

(*..I still don't like them.)

Rating: 4/5

Steve Aoki feat. Zuper Blahq - "I'm In The House"

While it doesn’t sound terribly different from the original, this beat juggle of Steve Aoki’s I’m In The House actually in my opinion surpasses the regular version with a heaping dose of crazed turntablism. Crossfades aplenty, taps inside of crossfades, scratches inside of taps inside of crossfades, plenty of freestyle sections, and an elevated pace make this not only one of the most challenging songs in the game, but an incredibly fun track that makes you feel like you’re in control of its high speed sound. Though it’s a great listen, this track actually became my favorite in the entire pack to play, no small feat considering the mixes in the final track..

Rating: 5/5

Simian Mobile Disco - "Hustler" vs. Technotronic - "Pump Up The Jam"

This is brilliant. No, really. Similar to the first mix, both songs were picked with an expert ear—the tracks sound similar enough in structure to segue into each other with nary a hitch, and they’re blended so incredibly well here, it almost makes you wish the original sounded this good. Pump Up The Jam’s shoulder moving rhythms flow perfectly into Hustler’s periodic lyrical injections (I'm a hustler, baby) during verses and saves the louder, more energetic parts of both songs for the hooks. The chorus lines are also the parts where the turntable is going to see the most work, with heavy scratches dominating most of the rhythms, and taps filling in the blanks where the unpredictable crossfades won’t fit. If I have any complaint, it’s that the challenge of the song does at times distract from it’s great sound, but it’s still highly enjoyable and a fun track to play in battle mode because of its unpredictable rhythm.


Overall, I can’t say I had a problem with this pack. I’m not the biggest fan of electro, but the songs chosen were iconic and fun enough to play, and the challenge is still up there in a way that still keeps the game fresh, even if you’ve already 5-starred most of (or all) of the game already. Yes, it's true that the gere may not appeal to you, but I'd encourage most fans of music to check it out due to the fact that you may experience the Guitar Hero effect (fandom gained by playing new music instead of just listening) and gain yourself some new artists to add to your roster.


It’s funny, between release and now, we’ve seen 6 all-new mixes, 14 returning ones from the original, and one can only wonder, what’s next? It’s been 20 extra songs in a little over a month! They’ve got to keep this momentum going as long as they’ve got it, right? I know I’m prepared for--


Well! This might be worth checking out..I looks like it’s free and only going on for a week..

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