Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quick Thought - Another lemming.

Out of any console allegiance, Sony fans get the most offended when you declare their brand anything less than perfect. Fact.

I was speaking to someone the other day.

He talks about Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm and tells me it simply isn’t possible on any other system because it’s only on the PS3. I correct him and casually let him know, it’s certainly very possible on a 360, given the right coding, and that it being exclusive is a combination of platform preference (Cyberconnect 2 has traditionally made Naruto games for the PS2) and business (money comes first.). He freaks out on me, ignores both points. and starts name dropping exclusive titles like Uncharted, Killzone, all the while telling me that not one of them is possible on the 360, and that the system has peaked in terms of graphical fidelity.

He declares Uncharted’s graphics as the most AMAZING THING EVER and goes on to tell me the game isn’t possible on any other console because of the power of the Cell. He tells me Gears of War 2 doesn’t look all that great.

It’s a pointless argument, a baseless argument, and whenever I hear people start to name drop the Cell Processor and Blu-Ray disc as reasons for Playstation 3 superiority, my brain shuts off. You people aren’t programmers, or coders. You know nothing. Yes, I said it.

I told him it’s possible with the right kind of coding. Uncharted is a gorgeous game and has a lot going on under the hood of the PS3, but if Naughty Dog were as dedicated to the 360’s architecture as they were to the PS3’s, it would definitely become a reality. This is the case of any developer. Mastering one console instead of spreading yourself thin across several will always yield the best results, no matter what platform you’re working on. I was yelled at for my opinion.

Drinking the Kool-aid of your favorite console manufacturer still seems to be the order of the day. Then again, Sony fans are a bit butthurt. They flail wildly whenever you speak an ill word about the Playstation, or declare it to be anything less than immaculate.

I’ll keep allowing them to lick their wounds irrationally. I know I would be if I spent $600+ dollars on my PS3 at launch and spent 3 years being promised brand dominance that still has yet to be realized. I’m sure it’s terrible watching a modified Gamecube take the lead and be forced to trail behind the breadcrumbs of filthy, monopolistic Americans.

I wouldn't know that anguish. I'm a gamer, not a sheep, and I go wherever the games are.


  1. First and foremost a fan of games, not consoles, since sony wont be dropping their price, Im looking into that refurbished ps3 for 289$

    right now in terms of income Im crawling, until Im standing on my feet, its refurbished items all the way lol

  2. I believe I've already mentioned it. Its far too large of a hit to your pride to acknowledge you can't afford games and consoles, tvs and receivers.

    I'm pleased you didn't just call out his poverty and ruin his day.

    And KUDOS to Jabari for admitting his.

    About 3,000 dollars in discretionary funds are required by anyone who enjoys videogames past Halo 3 and Madden whichever. That's madness.