Tuesday, May 25, 2010


So I'm piecing my way through the Green Day: Rock Band demo released today, and it was fun, to say the least, I mean, after the attention to detail and care lavished over The Beatles: Rock Band, there was no doubt in my mind that Harmonix could do one of the bands who revived punk justice.

But this isn't about them. Or the demo. I'm sure you notice the picture.

It raises a few thoughts. Guitar, drums, bass, vocal...harmonies? Okay. It was in B:RB, I can let that slide. Saw that coming.

There's also a keyboard there. More thoughts. How is this going to work? What is the note chart going to look like? On Expert? Does this mean we now have a max number of SEVEN band members at once, and a minimum of 5 as a full band?

Will we finally get a most triumphant version of Bohemian Rhapsody to play at parties? Piano Man? Love Train? Party Hard?

Can I really fit 7 people in my house? Should the police be called in advance?

The mind boggles.

Because really, It's one thing to say, "Yeah, it's coming out", and another to come to the table with actual material.

I think Rock Band 3 finally has an announcement it deserves.

Thanks to JoeCamNet's Dtoid Blog for the picture, your camera was muuuuch kinder to the image than mine.

(This article's also on CLgamer.com!)

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