Monday, May 17, 2010

What do you want me to say?

I have no words. I wish I did, I wish I could be jaded, I wish it didn't matter because we're already used to TERRIBLE and sometimes AWFUL adaptations of the games we know and love, but even this is a bit much for my digestion.

I even hate to write off these two, because under any other name, this could've been an annoying, generic black-meets-white-lol-easy-racist-joke buddy comedy (already filled this year by Copout), but with the Kane and Lynch name on it, I have nothing but visions of the future, and they are NOT good..

I mean, how in the HELL am I supposed to realistically believe that These two..

Are these two?

I know our medium still hasn't gotten its due respect, but I'm a gamer. My suspension of disbelief can only be pushed so far..

..before I start to feel like I'm being mocked.

I don't think I'm being too extreme, either. I know that more often than not, we have characters who couldn't POSSIBLY exist in the real world, so their design gets compromised a bit, maybe even altered but...have they really stopped trying to THIS extent? Hell, Kane and Lynch wasn't even all that as a game, and it looks like the same care is going in here for the adaptation. I want to give it the benefit of the doubt, I know all I've seen is this fuzzy poster, but I keep thinking about this, and I don't even see a movie here, I just see a huge paycheck.

And man, does it sound like someone is laughing all the way to the bank.

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