Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Darker Side of 2013.

As the remains of a slightly disappointing 2012 (Sequel-itis: The Year) slowly fade away, we're once again faced with the prospect of a new year; A reset button if you will, for gaming in 2013. Another year of high profile sequels, yes (DmC, Bioshock Infinite, Dead Space 3, GTA5, etc) but, interesting as we're starting to enter a transitional period. The 360's been out for over 7 years. Nintendo pulled a Sega on us all and tried to jumpstart the next-gen with mixed, programmer-challenging results. Sadly, I'm still waiting for the other two to speak up before I'm ready to leave this gen.

Considering all of the ifs however, several thoughts popped into my mind. Most of them involve where we're going as a gamer culture, what we're doing in it, what we've done this generation, and why. I'm generally so wrapped in my call that I have nothing but enthusiasm, but for some reason, it wasn't popping like it should have been. Something was different.

After a few cold thoughts, I came to the realization that I was as present for much of this generation as I was not present, taking my feet out of the trenches and taking a more observatory role as my life caught up, and time dwindled. Somehow, I had less time to play everything I wanted, but all the time in the world to experience everything, either vicariously through social media, testimonials, YouTube, or simply watching any of my hilariously eclectic friends run their way through them all, color commentary in tow. It's autodidactism on such a level, you'd be more surprised at what I haven't played than games I know as a whole without having picked up a controller.

For a frame of reference, I'm just getting around to playing Darksiders. On PC.

What? At least here, it doesn't LOOK like it came out in 2010..

...But it IS quite enjoyable. How'd I miss this? (Ed: Time.) Destroyer May Cry? Legend of Apocalypse: War's Awakening? It's got story, atmosphere, clever puzzles, and most importantly, satisfying combat. Zelda-esque adventure pacing with a dash of God of War-style brutality.

To really appreciate where we're going, I have to fully know where we've been, yes?

Well framed genre mashups aside, there are a few keen thoughts in my mind. Like I tend to do, it got a bit out of control, so I'll be breaking it up a bit.

"LIKE I'M BREAKING THAT ANGEL'S SPINE--Oh look, a new area!"

This just happened. As it has been since I've started my rebellion against "The Destroyer".

See you in a bit, folk.

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