Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Doing the endless setlist tonight.


So I'm doing the Endless Setlist 2 again. After the debacle that was dubbed "ExpertPenguin's Repaired 360 Save File Delete 2009" (plus Alpha), none of my lost saved games hit me as hard as my Rock Band 2 file. Aside from the numerous 5 star performances via drums, singing, guitaring under my belt, challenges conquered, my Platinum medal was gone.

A Platinum medal, if you're wondering, is your reward for completing the Endless Setlist 2 on Expert. The ES2 is an 84 track endurance run through every song in the game, back to back, no breaks. Well, the first time I'd done it, I admittedly paused a few times, restarted a few songs, and even took a break to go to sleep.

Fast forward about 7 months, past a save file delete, a new guitar, having gotten much better since then and you'll find a guy with a newfound resolve to actually do the ES2 the way it was intended. The internet gauges its average length to be about 6 hours 15 minutes.

I'm doing it tonight. I want my Platinum back and then some.

Updates can be found in that convenient little LivePenguin bar to the right, or at my Twitter. Keep up, eh?

Here goes..

[Update - 3:33 a.m.. I did it!...and was screwed out of the Iron Bladder Achievement. Inexplicably so. Awesome. I did get my platinum back though...glass is half full?..]

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