Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Quick Thoughts - Identity Crisis


Sucker Punch, Volition, Radical.

All three of you developers want me to run around in an open world and blow..






But I can't tell the difference between the three of you. I mean, you all have slight variations in your template, but I'm beginning to think open world destruction is this year's big thing.

It's not necessarily a bad thing, given that many of our galaxies, our gaming careers have revolved around some sort of destruction or conquering spirits, but I'm sincerely hoping too much isn't TOO much.

Having played at least 8 hours (and then some) of inFamous though...I am almost too impressed. Sucker Punch has really created something amazing, though I'll touch on it as soon as I reach the end.

P.S. - After finishing the first mission, the game told me, based on my performance, they were switching me to HARD (yes in all capitals) difficulty. I haven't looked back since. Great game.

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