Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Gold Mining Part 1 - Bioshock XVIII

This would be why I'm so against Bioshock 2. I foresaw this.


While I am aware that the gaming industry is a business first, and an art form second, I can't help but be offended at some of the decisions made. It's almost a given that a successful game will get a sequel, but at what cost?

Bioshock 2 doesn't make any sense to me. Now that the game is apparently getting multiplayer it's become even LESS relevant in my mind. Bioshock wasn't primarily about giving people what they wanted, it was about delivering an experience people have never had before. The original game didn't have multiplayer because they felt it was UNNECESSARY, what with the single player experience being so strong. The game was about telling a story, one with a very specific message. If I remember, Ken Levine's team HATED him by the time development of the game came to a close, because he had to have the game his way. Damn constant revisions and opinions he didn't agree with, at the end of the day, it was his baby, and the amazing game we all had a chance to experience was the fruit of all that labor. The team may have complained a great deal, but I'm sure the countless accolades, critical acclaim, and increasingly passionate fanbase gained were quite soothing.

It also ended. Didn't leave room for a sequel. Because of this fact, this game SCREAMS cash-in so much to me that I can't help but be a raging cynic. The hackneyed story is an excuse to revisit Rapture, but if you played the game to completion, Rapture ISN'T really a place you would want to return to even if it were possible, given the events of the first. They want you to play as a Big Daddy so bad while retaining what made the first one great, you're apparently a "prototype" that can use plasmids. Why in the HELL does it have multiplayer? The fans? Are you kidding? The game is a sequel so devoid of actual purpose, it's relying on people's complaints about the original in order to sustain itself.

I have literally read quotes from the developers saying that a great deal of people who purchased Bioshock saw a Big Daddy on the box of the original and were disappointed. Apparently they felt misled because you spent the majority of the game fighting them instead of being one yourself. So, the main character in the sequel is a means of appeasing the people they "duped". Then they go on to ramble about how "cool" using the drill will be.


Do I even need to explain why there's multiplayer in the game now? Great job not only pandering to the masses, but also ironically missing the point of the original game, guys. Now you're just like everyone else.

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  1. Well,well. Way to sell out. Then again,I can't really say I'm surprised. RE6 is already confirmed(or may as well be.) The Chris and Leon dream team to take down Wesker(who,of course,didn't die. The rockets didn't hit head on,duh.) *sigh*