Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I shouldn't be excited..

...But I am.


For those of us who have completed Gears 2,If this picture doesn't immediately bring any immediate thoughts to mind, let's hit the jump. Otherwise, I'll be spoiling a lot for you. You've been warned.

By now we're already familiar with Dom's reunion with his wife, Maria, but was anyone paying attention to this part afterward? When Marcus was tooling around with the Theron armor, suggesting that the two of them could sneak into Nexus were Dom willing to be subtle?

That picture headlining this post just became a whole lot more meaningful, didn't it.

Should have.

By the end of July, Epic's releasing a DLC atom bomb called the "All Fronts Collection", but the fact that it's going to have a strategy guide, dashboard theme, poster, AND all 19 extra maps for the multiplayer, 7 of which are going to be brand new (HORDE!!) matters little to me. What excites me the most about this pack is a little something in the form of an extra chapter for the campaign called "Road to Ruin."

Apparently an ENTIRE part of the campaign was just left out on the cutting room floor, and instead of leaving us in the dark like they did with the PC version, we'll actually be able to play it. Marcus and Dom wearing Theron armor? Aside from looking COMPLETELY ridiculous, the prospect of getting a bit of stealth injected into Gears' already tactical gameplay is more than a bit exciting, especially if they do it right.

The best part? It'll be ours for only $19.99.

My mind buzzes. Sneaking behind cover, what happens if your cover's blown, how hilarious it'd be to hear the two of them faux hissing in order to slip past Drones and's endless..

(Gracias to Destructoid and Kotaku for the news and picture, respectively.)

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  1. You know, if Locust weren't idiots, they'd see from first glance that that thing isn't a Theron Guard.

    I mean come the hell on! NOSE, ANYONE? THERONS have disgusting, pus oozing silver eyes and then there's only teeth. Teeth that would make Nemesis want to go the dentist for the first time in his life!


    Looking forward to it though. If I get it that is, ha ha ha ha.