Saturday, May 9, 2009

How many commandos does it take.. screw up a demo?

I played the long-anticipated Bionic Commando demo the other day..

I have one question for you, Capcom.

Why, when introducing a very fresh reimagining of the bionic arm swinging that made the series famous back in '87, do you have me doing this in the demo:

...Instead of this?

It's really a shame too, because when I wasn't choking on the obviously scaled-down-for-multiplayer visuals, being blown away by high powered weapons while attempting to learn the controls, and being called every name out of XBL trash talking's greatest hits while being inexplicably kicked off the map by a bunch of players doing their best Liu Kang impression..

...I was having fun tooling around with the incredibly intuitive mix of swinging/shooting the game offers.

When they let me, of course.

A word to the wise. While I realize that multiplayer modes are becoming more and more prevalent in gaming regardless of whether it actually enhances the overall experience or not, trying to sell a game with a multiplayer demo is the worst possible decision you can make.

At least I know which part of the game to avoid come May 19th.

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  1. Oh,that's what got under your skin about the demo.