Monday, January 18, 2010

Definition of Awesome - II

Awesome is when a game's visuals are so stunning, you take the subtleties and intricacies of its little details for granted because things look the way they are supposed to.

As humans, our eyes discern things to scale. It's easy to spot good graphics in a game and acknowledge it as simply a good looking game. It's even easier to spot flaws and inconsistencies when a game falls short of the realism it's attempting. But when a game simply looks so good, so realistic, so organic, so...right that the little details, like overturned chairs, debris strewn about, wallpaper textures that are so varied you never see them duplicate, even flags flapping in the breeze are taken for granted, that's something.

It's why, humorously, among your other stats, there's one counting the amount of playing time you've simply stood still. Awe is inevitable.

Even when you're inside a building while it's collapsing. Everything looks, and moves, and behaves the way it's supposed to, to such an insane degree that you stop questioning the nature of the game, forget you are playing a game at all, and just want to get out of the fucking building before it kills you.

That is something special.

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