Friday, January 15, 2010


Capcom paying tribute to itself is always so much fun to watch. No really. The construction stage in Super Street Fighter IV is awesome, and one of many reasons I'll be picking up the game in the upcoming months, my love for fighters notwithstanding. The game just oozes personality and style so much that it actually outdid The King of Fighters in terms of characterization.

One of the best ways this is shown is through the characters' explosive Ultra specials. While the scene seems to be a bit divided as to the actual usefulness of most of said specials, one thing I think everyone can agree on is that they looked friggin' GREAT. Powerful, brutal, and sometimes even hilarious, to say that they're the icing on top of SFIV's presentation is an understatement. Unfortunately, in the original there was only one to be had for each character.

SSFIV has even more of them.

Every time someone asks me why this game isn't a piece of DLC, I look at them like they're nuts. As if an overwhelming amount of content in the form of new characters, more (and better!) online modes, more stages, updated graphics, rebalancing, new SP modes, new specials, and new ultras isn't enough of a reason in itself.

..Yes, I said new ultras. Of COURSE you're going to see them.

Some random internet denizen compiled a video of 'em. Just about every (announced) character is showcased here, and among the new ones, there's one for Dhalsim that I have personally coined the "Yoga Teabag". You'll understand when you see it.

Foul on the Zangief AIR GRAB though...WHO thought he needed that? Someone at Capcom needs to stop having drinks with the guy who keeps "rebalancing" Potemkin in Guilty Gear XX..

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