Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I've got your Dark Void..

..Right here. Or there. Somewhere. It's a bit difficult to tell.

So I played the Dark Void demo, and that header picture is actually a pretty damn close representation of my experience with it.

I wish I were kidding, but when I wasn't being taken aback by the 2nd gen Xbox 1 graphics, spotty framerate, milquetoast gunplay that oh-so-desperately wanted to be like Gears of War, and art direction strangely derivative of Mass Effect, I was wrestling with the loose feeling, slippery jetpack controls. Careening into mountains and narrowly avoiding being an occeanic skipping stone has never been so much fun.

Or not. Is it any wonder that following this title, Capcom no longer wants to outsource titles to western developers? Between this and the ill recieved Bionic Commando reboot, I get where they're coming from. They've been pulling out all the stops, releasing some of the most gorgeous games this gen and these random duds are just an annoying stain if not anything else.

Ironically enough, just like Bionic Commando before it, a "classic" 2D version of the game looks like it's going to be MUCH better than its next-gen source material.

No, really. The DSiWare-bound Dark Void: Zero looks terribly hilarious, in a good way. Intentionally done up to look like it debuted on the NES, and featuring all the shooting and jetpacking of it's brother, albeit in 2D form, I think I'll play this one long before I ever touch the console version.

Ah, sprites..

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